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22 jan 2021 om 10:45 Cakes were not good, i don't think i will order from this place again.
6 jan 2021 om 14:50 Lekker chocolade rum puntjes
20 dec 2020 om 10:13 Took over an hour, even though it was just dessert. Don’t buy the cupcakes, it’s literally 2 euro for ONE tiny cupcake. When I called to see where the order was, I was met with a rude response that this was not their problem as the driver had already left
9 dec 2020 om 22:20 The chimney cakes are perfect
18 nov 2020 om 0:11 This was my second time ordering here. So when I impulsly had craving for desserts, I knew where to go ;-). The mini cupcakes were indeed dry, thats why I did not order this time. But the rumcake....oh, my word...just heaven..:-). I will keep ordering the
10 nov 2020 om 14:37 The cakes (Red Velvet and Carrot) were great. The Mini cupcakes were dry / stale and not good at all. I will consider ordering the cake again but never the cupcakes.
3 nov 2020 om 13:47 It was so lovely tnx
31 okt 2020 om 13:45 + Food quality is quite good. I am satisfied. + Delivery was on time and complete. - Some of the pictures are not showing correct service portions: Some has 2-3 items in the picture while the delivered portion contains only one piece.
25 sep 2020 om 20:16 Everything is amazing. The worlds best chocolate rum cake! Brilliant carrot cake. Fresh, soft, moist! Food coma!
19 sep 2020 om 23:00 The red velvet cake was not red, it looked a bit like chocolate cake and was stale
19 sep 2020 om 21:47 Zeker niet het bedrag waard veel te duur voor zulke droge cakes waardoor ze en beetje oud smaakten heel zonde dit!
11 sep 2020 om 20:29 Great cakes, great service :)