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4 sterren uit 83 beoordelingen
25 sep 2020 om 20:16 Everything is amazing. The worlds best chocolate rum cake! Brilliant carrot cake. Fresh, soft, moist! Food coma!
19 sep 2020 om 23:00 The red velvet cake was not red, it looked a bit like chocolate cake and was stale
19 sep 2020 om 21:47 Zeker niet het bedrag waard veel te duur voor zulke droge cakes waardoor ze en beetje oud smaakten heel zonde dit!
11 sep 2020 om 20:29 Great cakes, great service :)
5 sep 2020 om 18:31 The quality of the desserts is very good ( we ordered carrot cake and red velvet). I specially liked the frosting and the cakes are full of it!
14 aug 2020 om 21:29 Order was delivered after 2h - 2 pieces of cake and 2 juices. I think this is on the restaurant, not on the delivery guy (he was respectful). The lemon cake was dry and weird. The carrot cake is very nice.
10 aug 2020 om 9:57 He only brought the cakes and when i said go bring me my drinks he said no Rude and stupid and i want my money back for the drinks
28 jul 2020 om 14:13 Taai, niet lekker en smaakte oud
27 jul 2020 om 19:08 Bijna alles was oud en droog. Zowel de bananencake als de lemon. De cupcakes proefde oud. Verspilling van mijn geld.
4 jul 2020 om 11:33 Perfect as always
20 jun 2020 om 9:37 One of the chimney cakes were burnt, unfortunately. The others were great. It would be nicer if they didn't send the burnt one though.
15 mei 2020 om 13:14 The slice of the cake was a little bit smaller than showed on the pictures. Taste was great :)